Featuring Our Buyer's Guide

Buying a house is one of the most important purchases in a person's lifetime. With this in mind, buyers typically have many questions throughout each stage of the transaction. What is title insurance? What is a title search? Why do I need it? These are all commonly asked questions that we see while assisting our clients.

Since we see so many of the same great questions, we decided to put together 4 informative documents that would educate buyers and help answer these commonly asked questions. See the 4 documents below...ENJOY! 

7 Reasons Buyers Need a Title Policy

  1. Protects your largest investment
  2. Reduces your risk
  3. Peace of mind
  4. Click HERE to see all 7 reasons

Top Buyer FAQs- Title Insurance

  1. What is title insurance?
  2. What happens at settlement?
  3. What does owner's title insurance cost?
  4. Click HERE to see all of the FAQs

Enhanced vs. Standard Policies

  1. Both cover unmarketability of the title 
  2. Enhanced covers up to 150% of the original policy amount
  3. Enhanced policy includes coverage for boundary issues
  4. Click HERE to read more about standard and enhanced policies

First-Time Home Buyer's Guide to Title Insurance

  • Click HERE to see what title insurance is, why it matters, and how you benefit from title insurance


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