Q&A with Bosch Appliances

What is Bosch Appliances?

Bosch Appliance Company is the second largest appliance manufacturer in the World. The Global HQ is in Munich Germany and the USA HQ is in Irvine California.  The Company has 14 brands worldwide and there are 3 brands we have here in the US. (BOSCH /THERMADOR/GAGGENAU) Some of the other areas of the Robert Bosch Corporation include: auto parts, geothermal technology, power tools, etc. There are  thousands of employees globally. 

What is the most popular product that Bosch sells?

Dishwashers, that is what everybody knows the Bosch Appliance Division as a leader in this category.

Do the appliances come with any type of warranty?  

Our appliances with the Bosch Brand come with 2 year warranty as noted above , Thermador products come with a 2 year warranty standard, Gaggenau (which are the most high-end of products) come with a 5 year warranty.

How is Bosch Appliances different than its competitors?

We offer a 2 year warranty on Bosch brand products, which is something many companies do not offer on any vertical projects in the DC metro . We also have an after sales VIP svc for these projects in the city that includes project delivery at no extra cost for buildings that have over 5 units.

Why do you prefer working with real estate developers? 

Those are the decision makers and key influencers who are making the decision to making selections on  the finishes in the building. They are the ones who are fully vested in making the best decision.

Do you have any special offerings for developers? 

We have a personal use program, which is 40% off the listing price of any appliance online. Its free shipping to your home and it’s a curb side /tailgate delivery from us.

Is there anything else you would like everybody to know about Bosch Appliances? 

When you are buying Bosch Appliances you go directly to the source. You are not going to an appliance store that is going to mark up the prices, instead you are essentially going straight to the manufacturer. In addition to this, we can hold pricing up to 18 months, and the warranty is straight through us and not a middleman. I have been the local DC Manufacturers’ rep here in the DC metro area for 5 years.


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Bosch Appliance Group

Mid Atlantic/Ohio Valley Builder Sales Manager

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