4 Qualities in a Title Company That Matter in Real Estate Closings in Northern Virginia

Title companies are insurance companies, but they also offer a range of services to perform title searches and settlements. Usually there is a team of people from real estate professionals to attorneys that specialize in real estate transactions. 

The title insurance industry is highly regulated by the state of Virginia. However, that doesn't mean that all title companies are considered equal. Below are the top tips for why it matters when choosing a title company. 

1. Recommendation - Many real estate agents will recommend a title company based on their experience. However, you should always do your homework to see what your options are for a title company. Online reviews can tell you about people's experiences with a company. Make sure to look at whether people say if the title company is responsive, proactive and communicates well. 

2. Experience - Not all title companies are owned by attorneys. When something unusual comes up or a real estate attorney is needed it is critical to have access to an attorney. This saves you from future headaches and having to pay extra money for an attorney. 

3. Responsiveness - While the saying goes "no news is good news," that is not always the case in the real estate industry. If your title company is not proactive, you could be left with a major problem at closing or after closing. That is not a good risk to take. 

4. Local and Flexible - Sometimes the unexpected comes up during your closing, like a snowstorm or your car doesn't start. Having a local title company that can and will perform settlements anywhere is helpful especially when you are trying to stay on a timeline. 

Allied Title and Escrow is five-star reviewed online. We are attorney-owned and pride ourselves on proactive communication through the title review and title insurance process. With flexible closing locations for real estate transactions in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, Allied Title and Escrow is here to serve you. 

At Allied Title & Escrow, our team of industry experts and attorneys have over 25 years of experience in title, settlements and real estate transactions. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, we provide residential and commercial services throughout all counties of Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We strive to provide the highest level of service and will handle all aspects of the title and settlement process.