Q&A with Honey Do Today, LLC

What is Honey Do Today?

Honey Do Today, LLC is a full service handyman, cleaning and lawn care company based and founded in Northern Virginia.

What made you decide to start a handyman business?

We saw a dramatic need for a company that focused on the small repairs, the simple cleaning and basic lawn care.  Nobody in the market was filling these specific needs.

What type of jobs do you handle?

We handle small repairs in the home and office.   Everything from hanging a ceiling fan to repairing a piece of rotten wood trim.

How is Honey DO TOday different from its competitors?

Most companies are chasing the larger jobs.   They will advertise and proclaim that “no job is too small,”  but really what they want is to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.  We want the small jobs and all of our systems and training are set up to perform them  We don’t do those larger jobs and thus our clients appreciate that they will not be hounded for appointments by us to discuss major home improvements.

How many handymen do you have on your team?

We have 67 handymen at Honey Do Today.  We are growing and our hiring process is extremely competitive.

Do you do same-day fixes?

Yes.  We like to say that we are Honey Do Today, not tomorrow!

Why do you like working with real estate agents and developers?

It’s always good to work with knowledgeable pros.  We find that in our home base of Northern Virginia the agents and developers actually doing business are some of the most talented in the United States with a deep understanding of real estate and construction practice.

I heard that you are franchising Honey Do Today… Do you want to tell us a little bit about that? How many locations do you have?

We are currently expanding to Long Island, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina and Chicago, Illinois, as well as throughout the DMV.   All of our locations our currently owned by Honey Do Today, LLC, but we are preparing and taking the steps necessary for franchising.  Our goal is for Honey Do Today to become “America’s Handyman.” Whether the best way to make America’s repairs is via franchising or corporate control remains to be seen.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Honey Do Today?

Our message to real estate agents and developers is that we are here to make your job easier.  Call us, text us and email.