What Airbnb Can Tell You About Listing Your Home

Believe it or not, Airbnb can tell you a lot of things about what it takes to list and sell your home for the best price possible. 

If you go on Airbnb and search your neighborhood, depending on where you are, you will find listings. Pay attention to these key factors to see about what you can learn about listing your house for sale in Northern Virginia or Washington DC.

1) Home Staging Matters

You'll probably notice that the Airbnb's that are well staged are harder to get. This should tell you that one of the most important things about listing your home is getting a professional photographer and having your home staged. Small changes and great photography will help your house present its best self to people before they even come to see it.

2) Price and Amenities Attracts More People

When people are looking to buy your home they care about what types of stores, parks or public transportation are nearby. These are all things that help raise the value of your home on the market. 

Buying an area where a lot of development is planned is sure to raise the value of your home or condo as well. There are many areas in Northern Virginia and Washington DC with long-term development plans or new Metro station--these are great areas to invest in!

3) Think About Buyers in Northern Virginia or Washington DC

Is your home or condo best suited for a family or single people? Based on your response you should set it up so that it appeals to the market that is most likely to buy your home. This means that you may have to rearrange certain rooms of your home in order to show people they would want to live there.

4) Make Sure Your Realtor Knows Where to List Your Home Online

This may seem like a no-brainer, but as we learn from Airbnb, people now shop online more than anywhere else. Making sure that your home is on all of the top websites for Real Estate will ensure that the most people possible will see it. 

Also knowing that your real estate agent uses social media and other websites well will give you peace of mind that it will sell fast. If you are thinking about listing your home in Northern Virginia or Washington DC, ask us for referrals to the top real estate agents in the area.

When you go through the process don't forget to have Allied Title and Escrow handle your title needs to make sure you have a smooth transaction in Northern Virginia or Washington DC.

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