How to prepare for selling a home in the spring

Just because it is winter, doesn't mean that you can't start preparing to sell your home in the spring. Taking these steps will make sure that your home is looking great and ready to attract buyers!

1. "Pre-Spring" Cleaning

It may seem obvious, but when you are preparing to sell your home you need to clean the house so that is visually pleasing. Some easy things that go a long way are:

  1. Removing wall scuffs
  2. Repainting any walls that may need it
  3. Disposing of any clutter. 
  4. De-personalize the house- It helps buyers to see their own family living in a home rather than being distracted by the current owner's belongings. 

2. Power-wash the exterior of the house

Power-washing the house will wash away built up dirt and expose the beautiful colors underneath. Make sure to power-wash the garage doors, front of the house, the side paneling of the house, and any decks or patios on the property. You definitely do not want to power-wash your roof as it could take away years from its life span. 

Johnny Short, licensed Home Inspector and Master HVAC Mechanic, from Commonwealth Home Services emphasized the importance of a clean roof. "If you see ugly black streaks caused by algae growth or green moss growing on your asphalt roof it means damage has already taken place. Asphalt shingles are made up of stone granules. Green moss actually grows though the stone granules and pushes them back and forth until the granules become dislodged. Once the granules are dislodged, your shingles no longer have protection from the elements. Eventually the shingles will crack, allow water though, and can lead to a leaky roof." This is something that everybody who is selling their home can avoid by giving the roof a light wash.

3. Landscaping

Landscaping is an essential part of preparing a home for hitting the market. People like spending a lot of time outside during the spring so make sure that the bushes are trimmed, yard is raked, and the plants are well maintained. First impressions are very important, and the outside of the house is the first area that perspective home buyers will see, and remember. 

4. HVAC Maintenance

Get your HVAC system cleaned, serviced, and inspected. This will give you an idea of the health of the system in your house. It will also highlight any and all problems with the HVAC system that may need to be addressed before listing your house. 

5. Find the right realtor

Finding the right realtor can definitely save you time and money. We've seen that having someone who is an expert in the specific area you are looking in is very important as their relationships can help you find deals that others don't know about. Also make sure you hire an agent or team with significant experience as you don't want a new agent to miss important details or not get you the best possible deal in the negotiation. 

After speaking with Jennifer Powell of The Powell Team, she gave us 4 differentiators that separate themselves apart from other realtors: 

  1. The Powell Team offers complimentary home staging services which can save you thousands of dollars and help your home sell very quickly
  2. Complimentary professional photography which will also save you a pretty penny
  3. From an ethical standpoint, The Powell Team will never have the same agent represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. They don't want to create a conflict of interest
  4. Lastly, The Powell Team has two agents that work on behalf of each client for a higher level of customer care, responsiveness and availability

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