Top 5 Spring Cleaning to Prepare for the Summer Real Estate Market in Northern Virginia and DC

If you are ready to sell your home and you need to do some spring cleaning, below are our top tips! You can clean your house, as well as get it ready for the hot summer market in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. 

1)  Start with Your Curb Appeal

If you have some weeds in the front yard or need to spruce up the back of your home, now is the time to do it!  One of the first impressions someone has of your home is the curb appeal. Weeding, new mulch and adding some small plants or flowers can really go a long way. 

2) Touch up the Paint Both Inside and Outside

While you still want to be conservative with your paint color choices, touching up paint is a fast and easy way to making sure your home presents well. Buyers won't focus on scuff marks or bright paint when deciding whether to buy your home. 

3) Deep Cleaning of the Floors

Invest in renting a steam cleaner or having a professional company come in to clean and buff your hardwood floors and carpet. Floor stains may make buyers hesitate about having to make costly replacements before moving in. 

4)  Review Your Appliance Maintenance Schedules

A pre-inspection is always a great way to know what potential issues could come up during your sale. From a spring cleaning perspective, you should review and make maintenance updates for all of your major appliances.

5) Declutter Your Home and Stage

The number one tip from real estate agents in Northern Virginia and Washington DC, is that you need to declutter your home, put things into storage and stage your home. This doesn't mean purchasing all new furniture, however, you may want to purchase new accent pillows to make your home look professionally done.

With these tips not only will you satisfy your spring cleaning urges, but you will also be preparing your home to sell fast for the highest-price possible! 

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