Top Winterizing Tips for a Homeowner in Northern Virginia

We’ve experienced a few colder-than-average weeks as homeowners in Northern Virginia. 

As a new homeowner, you may notice the extra challenges heating your house--especially during the “Bomb Cyclone.”

1. Winterize Your Windows

As a homeowner in Northern Virginia, your home may have older windows. One of the biggest money savers can be replacing old windows with more energy efficient ones. 

Until you are ready to replace them, there are low-cost solutions to hold you over. Window insulator kits are easy to install and work well to keep more heat inside.

2. Protect Your Waterlines

Every fall you should clear out and close your outdoor faucets. 

This will help prevent pipes from bursting in the winter. In addition, any pipes that are near the outside of the house should be properly insulated.

3. Preventative Maintenance to Your Heating System

Heating and cooling systems are always tested by extremes. Prior to the next hot or cold wave, have your heating and air conditioning systems cleaned and inspected. 

Hopefully it will prevent a failure during the most uncomfortable times of the year.

4. Pre-Treat Walkways

One of the most dangerous tasks during the winter is snow shoveling. Every year people die of heart attacks while working on clearing their sidewalks. 

In addition, icy sidewalks pose a risk to neighbors and pedestrians. Pre-treating your property in the evening or before a big storm will help reduce the risks.

5.  Use Space Heaters to Heat Your Home in Northern Virginia

Some homes have a large temperature difference between different levels. Space heaters can help normalize your temperature without spiking your heating bill.

Keeping your home warm and safe in the winter can help you be better prepared for selling in the spring market. 

Our next article will have top tips on how to prepare in the winter to sell in the spring!

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